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Youth sports organizations teaming up to form a coalition that will address concussions issues, Associated Press October 6, 2013

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"Research Dispels Myth That Sudden Cardiac Arrest Happens Mainly During Sports"  October 31, 2012 Medical News Today

"New Advance could help soldiers, athletes, others rebound from Traumatic Brain Injuries" October 17, 2012 Science Daily

"NCAA names first chief medical officer" October 8, 2012 National Collegiate Athletic Association

"Ten Youth Leagues Taking Part in USA Football's National Youth Football Safety Surveillance Study." October 4, 2012 USA Football

"Protective eyewear is important in sports" September 5, 2012 The Andrews Institute

"NCAA partnership strives to reduce concussions in youth football" May 29,2012 NCAA Health and Safety

"Student athletes' deaths prompt new workout guidelines" June 28, 2012 CBS News

"Physical activity levels may increase due to mobile phone technology" July 20, 2012 Medical News Today

"Concussions double between seasons for three college football teams: Better diagnosis?" July 12, 2012 CBS News

"Exercise can shield the aging brain, studies show" July 15, 2012 HealthDay News

"Playing sports helps teens fight fat" July 16, 2012 MedPage Today

"NFL: Study says former players live longer" May 8, 2012 sports.yahoo.com

"Most kids don't get enough PE, study says" July 10, 2012 cnn.com

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"Youth Track Injuries Increase" July 5, 2012 medpagetoday.com

"Physics confirms sprinters are performing better than ever before" July 2, 2012

"Caffeine boosts power for elderly muscles, experts say" June 29, 2012 Science Daily

"NCAA paricipates in inter-association task force to prevent sudden death in sport" June 27, 2012 ncca.org

"The National Athletic Trainers' Association and Gatorade Declare July 11 "National Recovery Day" June 26, 2012 nata.org

"Kids with one kidney can still play sports, study suggests" June 18, 2012 Fox News

"Low-dose vitamin D may not prevent fractures in healthy women – What about higher doses?" June 16, 2012 Science Daily

"Trying to reduce head injuries, youth football limits practices" June 13, 2012 The New York Times

"Athletic trainers eyed for infantry battalions" June 11, 2012 Marine Corps Times

"Sore muscles may not benefit from regular NSAIDs" June 11, 2012 MedPage Today

"Stony Brook to build spinal cord injury rehab center" June 8, 2012 libn.com

"Improved health and performance through less training" June 3, 2012 Medical News Today

"Pennsylvania governor signs bill to protect athletes from sudden death" May 31, 2012 The Inquirer

"Eat healthy — Your kids are watching" May 30, 2012 Science Daily

"Exercise pumps up prediabetic blood vessels" May 29, 2012 MedPage Today

"Bananas are as beneficial as sports drinks" May 29, 2012 Science Daily

"Children's activity levels strongly influenced by who they are friends with" May 28, 2012 Medical News Today

"Exercise affects the brain" May 23, 2012 Medical News Today

"Sleep apnea: Treatment may help keep BP low" May 22, 2012 WebMD

"CDC: Half of overweight teens have heart risk" May 21, 2012 Fox News

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"Doubt cast on the 'Good' in 'Good Cholesterol'" May 16, 2012 The New York Times

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"Sport's related sudden heart attacks – prevention hampered by lack of basic knowledge" May 15, 2012 Medical News Today

"Impact sports score solid bones" May 11, 2012 MedPage Today

"New Jersey begins to tackle sudden cardiac death in scholastic athletes" May 5, 2012 nj.com

"Boy's baseball death spotlights need for tracking youth sports injuries" April 20, 2012 chicagotribune.com

"Unexpected Youth Football Impact Data (PBS Video)" April 12, 2012 sportconcussions.org

"Pediatricians Sound Alarm On Overuse Sports Injuries" March 22, 2012 Science Daily

"Indiana-led Study Aims for Safer Youth Football" March 29, 2012, Inside Indiana Business

"USA Football to conduct injuries study" February 16, 2012, SI.com

"Sports Injury Surveillance Systems" January/February 2012, Richard Y. Hinton, MD, MPH, Newsletter of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine 

"The Fragile Teenage Brain – An in-depth look at concussions in high school football." January 10, 2012, Jonah Lehrer.

"Improved Behavior For Children With ADHD Taking Part In Physical Activity Program." January 19, 2012, Medical News Today

"Concussion sufferer returns thanks to trainers, patience." January 20, 2012, Mount Vernon News

AAP: Big jump in knees injuries in kids."  October 16, 2011, by Chales Bankhead, MedPage Today